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We are more than innovative. We create value for you.

Take advantage of our high quality products. For standard or customized products, for a global project or a quick order, take advantage of the best concrete products in the industry at a competitive price.

To meet the industry quality standards, LECUYER controls the quality of each of its product before it gets to your construction site.  Our in-house laboratory allows us to check all the aggregates in stock, the concrete mixes accuracy and the final product resistance and dimension.

We deliver high quality pre-cast concrete products and we make sure that we meet all your specifications at every step, from the product design to your jobsite delivery.

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Reduce your project costs, delays and jobsite risks with LECUYER. 

LECUYER is a reliable partner. With our wide experience in infrastructures we understand your projects challenges and find the appropriate solutions for you.

Our team of experts provides superior quality services from the product design to the jobsite installation:

1.        Validate your choices of products or propose customized products when needed

2.        Respond to your urgent needs for products through our supply centers

3.        Get a complete quotation, fully detailed to help you close your bids

4.        Get a quick and reliable delivery schedule taking into account your project's planning requirements

5.        Easier installation process, advices in advance and assistance of experienced field workers on site

Reliable partner, from the product design to the jobsite installation!

Dedicated partner, we demand of ourselves perseverance and technical skills. With us, you benefit from a rich expertise gained over thousands of successfull projects.

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Increase the returns on your projects.

In our industry, time is precious. We bring you fast and reliable solutions when you need it most, allowing you to focus on other profitable tasks.


Optimize your operations.

Take advantage of our expertise in problem solving and project management. We manage several projects every day, which minimizes the risk of error. In addition to saving time, you maximize your budget.


Our wide experience brings value to your project.

We are able to bring innovative solutions that guarantee the success of your project.


With Lecuyer you can take advantage of our unique solutions designed for your project requirements.

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