Founded in 1956 by Mr. Roch Lécuyer, LECUYER is still a strong family owned business operated by the son of the founder, Mr. Roch Lécuyer.

In 1969, when he became President of LECUYER, Mr. Maurice Lécuyer, son of the founder, knew that the infrastructures in Québec needed to be improved.  Since then, LECUYER is continuously bringing new technologies and new products in the market that contributes to increase the quality of our underground infrastructures.

In 1978, LECUYER was the first concrete products supplier to meet the requirements of the Programme d’assainissement des eaux du Québec.  Still today, the quality of our products and our state of the art customer service are Lécuyer’s family pride.


A promising future

Since February 2020, Ms Nathalie A. Lécuyer is President of LECUYER and she is running the business with the same pride as her predecessors. 

Our determination to continuously develop new quality products is real.  Because of our close relationship with our clients and partners, we are able to maintain our reputation to be the most innovative manufacturer in the market.

Ms Nathalie A. Lécuyer

Mr. Maurice Lécuyer

Mr. Roch Lécuyer