Quality control


At the end of the day, quality is what costs less.

Benefit from our full tested products. We believe that quality products are an important cost savings opportunity for jobsite installations.  This is why our products are completely tested during the production process to meet your project requirements and today’s standards. Underground infrastructures are always a challenge to build.  Take advantage of our experience and quality assurance program in order to avoid having costly surprises on-site.

Lecuyer is committed to manufacture reliable and resistant products.

Today’s solutions

Our industry is always on the move.  Working closely with clients and partners since over 60 years, LECUYER brings innovative products in the market, increasing our underground infrastructures' quality. We are able to build unique concrete products for your project requirements that will meet the actual industry standards.

Quality control

We are leading the industry in quality controls.  We are proud to meet the highest standards for the most demanding projects. Having a laboratory within our factories allows us to control all the raw material, concrete mixes and final products in our production plants.  We control quality at each step of the production. We also rigorously check the quality of each product before they are delivered to construction site.

Performance, reliability, durability 

From assembling reinforced steel bars to the concrete mix preparation, our concrete products are built during a rigourus and advanced process. We provide unique durability and performance with concrete products.  At LECUYER we make sure that quality controls are at each step of the production.  Find out more information on each of our product in the Products section.

Industry standards

Before starting the production process we always validate which standards apply to your project and we make sure to build products that meets them.  Here are the main industry standards:

-          BNQ  2622-420

-          BNQ 2622-126

-          CSA A23.4

-          Registered quality management system ISO 9001

-          CSA W47.1 division 2

-          CSA W186M

-          CCDG (Quebec Ministry of transportation)

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